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Mauritius is an idyllic destination where tourists can play around the sea; take part in enthralling water sports activities; click pictures of the sun-tossed beaches; relish scrumptious seafood and stroll past jungles to get glimpses of rare birds.

Located in the Southern Indian Ocean this island nation in the east of Madagascar and the southeast of Seychelles is popular for its postcard beaches. Mauritius holiday packages are quickly becoming the most searched amongst travellers. This island is made of serene mountains, lush green forests and pristine beaches which is a diverse topography that tourist rarely get to enjoy in other countries. It is populated by a mixed ethnic group because of the French, Dutch and British colonialism and its close proximity to India and Africa and the decedents from China and Europe.

Good to Know

Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Mauritius! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Land of Plenty’’!

Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens.



Languages spoken

English, French, Mauritian Creole, French-based Creole, and ethnic languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil or Mandarin

Currency Used

Mauritian Rupee

Area (km2)

2040 km2


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